Cajun Sushi Hamsters

The Cleveland Science Fiction Writers' Workshop

The "Cajun Sushi Hamsters" (sometimes less frivolously known as the "Cleveland Science Fiction Writers Workshop") is a science fiction and fantasy writers' workshop based in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding area. We meet roughly once per month to critique manuscripts. The workshop critiquing is done in the Clarion style. The workshop's purpose is to be a professional-level workshop; that is, we are not engaged in teaching a "how-to" workshop on writing, but endeavor to give feedback in the form of comments, criticisms, and suggestions suitable to a writer working on a professional level.

Membership is by invitation, and workshop meetings are not open to the public. However, we are always looking for excellent new writers to join the group.
Information on joining.

For another view of the hamsters, Steve Swiniarski has an excellent article about the workshop on his home page.


Web pages of some of the active and former members of the workshop

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