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Shining Stars of SF Markets

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Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror magazine/book editors and publishers are not praised often enough for the good things they do for writers.

These pages are an attempt to locate "success stories" for editors that have dealt better with writers than one might consider reasonable, with the ultimate aim of, well, hoping other markets follow suit. (An idea of Sharon Lee, former President of SFWA, implemented and operated by Andrew Burt, former SFWA VP.)

Remember, you may have to reload this page if you've already looked at it. Newest entries are at the bottom.

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Magazine/Book Publisher When Kind words

Matthew Pegg of Mantle Lane Press

summer 2019

Matthew accepted my story, The Wadi for his anthology, Songs of The Elephant Man, and then gently pointed out a few spots that needed developing. He complemented everything I rewrote and was very straightforward otherwise. Also he was very quick to respond by email and with payment all the way from England. I'm here in Oregon. Submitted by- Eliza Master pottersquarter@gmail.com

Casey, Assistant Fantasy Editor at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores


Very encouraging rejection filled with great suggestions and pointed critique. Awesome thing to receive for a new writer.

Urban Fantasy Magazine


They rejected my manuscript... and joined a rather large club. One editor completely rejected my work. One voted to accept my piece. And, the third editor rejected it, but said she wanted to see more of my work....But, all three editors took the time to write me 2-3 paragraphs of detailed feedback. That alone was worth the price of submission! Just wish I had more urban fantasy to send them:)

Robin Carson of On Spec Magazine

Feb 2011

I worked with Robin on my first published story.

I quite enjoyed working with him. Usually his suggestions were quite spot-on and when I had questions about his suggestions, he was quite willing to discuss why he felt a change was needed and occasionally even backed off on his suggestion. He spent a fair bit of time with me whipping my story into shape, so I have nothing but praise for him and would be happy to work with him again.

Steve Donnelly.

Paul Clemmons of Redstone Science Fiction

March 2011

Replied to a rejected story with brief but very helpful and constructive comments. The story improved greatly as a result. Offered to read it again after revision even though it was no longer in the running for publication at Redstone.

Jed Hartman of Strange Horizons


Jed gave me my first personalized rejection letter several years ago, which was so positive and so supportive that I was absolutely thrilled to receive it and posted a printout of it on my fridge. His suggestions were great. He gave me personalized feedback on another story he didn't like quite so much, which was also incredibly useful information. And at one point I even wrote him back to ask him if he remembered any criticism for a story that received a generic rejection letter - taboo, I know, but I did it - and he actually gave me his notes as he remembered them from reading the story. THAT is going above and beyond. This man is amazing. He is my favorite editor, and every time I submit to Strange Horizons, I hope he's going to be the one reading it. :)

Jake at Flash Fiction Online


Fast response, tries hard to be author-friendly.

Misty Gersley and Kim Sumek of Withersin Magazine


These two editors are fantastic. They're professional, delightful, prompt, and approachable. They're also smart and funny.

Misty and Kim have purchased three stories from me, and each time have made me feel like a superstar with their treatment of me and my writing. They even updated my bio without me asking--adding publications to it. I love that!

My dealings with them have been excellent. I look forward to dealing with them in the future.

Their magazine is top-notch, too. I LOVE it. Withersin, and all involved, are excellent.

~~Kevin Shamel


Scott H. Andrews of Beneath Ceaseless Skies


He didn't buy my story, but I got a response in 1 week and he gave personal feedback on my story. :)

Scott H. Andrews of Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Aug 2008

The editor was a pleasure to work with. He read my story and made very specific suggestions for a rewrite that helped me make the story match the market. He was professional and curteous throughout. He bought my story and paid promptly. What more could a writer ask for?

JKC ;o)

Johne Cook of Ray Gun Revival


An acceptance that had to violate the speed of light. Same day. His slushers raved and called the story brilliant, he said, so took time out that evening to give me the good news.

John Joseph Adams of F&SF


After receiving grainy photocopies of completely non-personalized form letters from other companies, I was greatly encouraged when Mr. Adams responded very promptly (14 days including transit time) and with a personalized letter. I look forward forward to sending my next story to F&SF

William Jones of Dark Wisdom

Late 2007

He attended one of our writers' group sessions and gave us some very valuable insights into what he looks for as an editor. He also took the time to personally critique one of my stories that had been rejected by his magazine and gave me some excellent ideas for the rewrite. Throughout the entire process, he was very pleasant and professional. His co-editor was also extremely personable.

-Dora Badger; redalice734@hotmail.com

Michael Marano @ Chizine

March 2008

Prompt 21 day rejection on my manuscript with positive feedback and details as to why he did not want to accept this story. Also encouragement to resubmit.

Baen's Universe/Sam Hidaka


The Baen's editorial team has been wonderful throughout my publishing experience. Sam Hidaka answered endless questions for me, and other editors there made excellent suggestions to make my work better. I'm very pleased with all the help they've given me. Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! eqfjoehpar

Deb Taber, Apex Digest


A pleasant personalized rejection including the reason why the story didn't fit. Such an encouraging note in its own way that I felt motivated to send the piece back out immediately. Now, me feeling motivated? That's magic.

John Joseph Adams


I received a friendly, personalized rejection letter, in only 9 days, including time in the mail both ways. Even though it was a rejection, this experience makes me feel very positive about submitting to F&SF in the future.

Nancy Fulda of Baen's Universe

Fall 2006

Nancy jumped into my tale and provided exacting, specific feedback of items she did and did not like. For a relatively new writer used to form letters, this was an immensly valuable experience. Although I haven't sold to Baen's Universe, I'll be back in the future to try them again.

Iris Print Books

August 30, 2006

Editor Kellie Lynch has been a pleasure to deal with from the get-go.

She rejected one of my stories, but was very pleasant about it, and gave specific reasons for the rejection.

After she accepted a second story, she kept me apprised at and involved in every stage of the process, including when the anthology would be published, and when to look for the check in my mailbox.

All interactions were timely, informative, and friendly. Kellie Lynch is a real professional.

Richard Kivi

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Aleta Daknis, Poetry Ed. Abyss & Apex


She was holding one of my poems for consideration, so she wrote a very nice note explaining the delay and letting me know that the others I'd sent in were freed up for other markets. Friendly and a great communicator!

Editors of Deep Magic


After rejecting my story, offered detailed criticism from four editors. Granted, reading uncensored opinions can sting (editors did NOT appear to be Critter-trained!), their observations were very helpful. I haven't gotten this amount or detail of feedback from any other market.

Lida Quillen, Twilight Times Books


Lida rejected my novel manuscript, but with the encouragement that "No doubt you will find a publisher for your book".

She also included a list of other recommended markets that might be a better fit.

She's a gem in my book.

David Bara

Douglas Cohen of Realms of Fantasy


Douglas has given me excellent suggestions regarding my work, even if he hasn't bought it yet.

JL Radley of Shimmer Magazine


Very quick response time, with a detailed personal note. In between the things that they liked was the one thing that made them reject it. It almost didn't hurt!

Bill Siderski

David Edwards of Shimmer


He complimented my writing, did a great summation of my story, told me why it didn't work for Shimmer. He encouraged me to submit again. Believe me, I will.


Oct/Nov 2005

Great new market! Fast turnaround...4 days from submission to sale. The art director worked hard to match up the right illustrator with my story and landed an amazing artist. The chief editor sent me a thank you card with my check (along with my my signed contract.) The editor I'm working with for re-writes is keen-eyed and easy to work with. This group goes the extra mile for writers.

Kimberly Gammon at Edge Scifi + Fantasy


She not only emails to tell me when the manuscript has arrived, but also offers helpful suggestions and encouragement.



The Editor at Chizine offered helpful commentary on my rejected story. I revised it and sold it to the next market I sent it to.

Strange Horizons


The Editors sent very good commentary on the stories I have submitted so far this year. Included what they liked and why they didn't buy the story. It was very helpful.

Jetse de Vries of Interzone


In his rejection of my submission, Jetse de Vries provided a thoughtful analysis both of what he liked about it and of what did not work for him in the story and also provided some detailed suggestions on how the story might be improved. One of the most helpful rejection letters I've yet received.

Beth Wodzinski of Shimmer Magazine

July 29, 2005

All my correspondence with Shimmer has been prompt, courteous, professional, personalised and constructive. Ms Wodzinski, in particular has gone out of her way to offer specific points of encouragement to me as a new writer. I only wish all markets were this friendly!

William Jones, Book of Dark Wisdom


William Jones always replies reasonably fast and is so polite and encouraging. He said my follow-up emails were "not nagging" and to feel free to query any time. He accepted my story and said he "couldn't pass it up." Submitting to the Book of Dark Wisdom is a totally pleasant experience.

Linda Landrigan, Alfred Hitchcock's Mys. Mag.


She emailed me to accept my story and to apologize for the long wait. She said she liked the story a lot, "especially the ending," and that made me feel good since endings can be difficult. She also said she was sending the contract asap - and when I told her the story was also accepted for a collection of short fiction, she said she'd make sure she published it first so she could buy First Rights.

Mike Miller of Surreal Magazine


While the story submitted to this editor was in fact rejected, Mike Miller was gracious enough to advise that his publication was not accepting reprints but to check guidelines periodically for updates. His response was kind, informative, prompt & personal (1 day)! I mean he could have sent one of those auto responder things or just said something like "Hey Fool" read guidelines before submitting next time!

A real class act here folks. I would recommend submitting to this publication without reservation. You may not get accepted but you'll at least be treated like a human being!

RAM mntsrb@aol.com

Editors of Strange Horizons


The Editors of Strange Horizons sent me a rejection note so concrete, so constructive, and so encouraging that it hardly felt like a rejection at all.

Andy Cox and Jetse de Vries of Interzone

April 18

In early April I asked and received permission to submit a story to Interzone via email. I sent it on April 12, and received an answer on April 18. The answer was yes! I'd also sent them a story in March. Although they rejected that one (and rightfully so!), they still got back to me within 10 days.

Dave Hoing

Nancy Jackson

Nov 30 2004

Very encouraging in her response.

Steve Berman

March 16 2005

Very encouraging in his response.

Andy Cox of Interzone


Interzone is based in England. I mailed a story to them from Cedar Falls, Iowa, on the afternoon of Friday, January 7, 2005. By Tuesday morning, January 11, I had an answer from editor Andy Cox in my email--and the answer was yes! Amazingly fast response!!! Thanks, Andy.

(Kudos, too, to the Post Office. How on earth did my story even GET to England that fast?)

--Dave Hoing Dave.Hoing@UNI.edu

Mr. John O'Neill


Mr. O'Neill responded to my submission with specific praise and criticism, which made it easy to see why my story was lacking. All of this, only three days after submitting my story online! I have dealt with Mr. O'Neill concerning my subscription as well, and he has always been prompt, considerate, and professional. Subscribe and Submit to Black Gate. Do it! Now!

William Jones - Book of Dark Wisdom


Selling my story to William Jones was a pleasant experience. He is most encouraging, and I hope to write another tale for Book of Dark Wisdom soon.

R.Chizmar, R.Morrish, Briane Keene/Cemetery Dance & Grave Tales


Richard, Robert and Brian are very nurturing editors. I look forward to working with them again.

John O'Neill at Black Gate


John O'Neill has always responded within a resonable time to my submissions. He is always encouraging and has offered great suggestions, even if the story isn't right for Black Gate. Selling a story to BG has been a wonderful experience.

Strange Horizons


One of the editors, though I can't recall which one, gave me specific feedback on a submission. She had obviously read and carefully considered why the story did not work for the magazine. It was the first time I'd ever gotten anything but a form rejection letter, and I appreciated the encouragement.

Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar


Since the submission triple-exceeded the guidelines the acceptance was a pleasant surprise. The editors have both replied quickly to my emails and have encouraged me to submit more material.

Richard Fawcett of Doppelganger


Dick was most encouraging and polite with my submissions. We became good friends after awhile and I sold him several stories. He was always prompt and precise in what he liked. Chris Stevenson

Chiaroscuro: Michael Kelly


Michael rejected my tale, but he gave me a great deal of very specific feedback concerning the elements of the tale he appreciated and the aspects of the story that didn't work for him.

He took the time to work with me, and that's no small thing. Editors are busy folks, so personal attention like that means a great deal to a writer. I'd just like to thank Michael for being so considerate and thoughtful.

(from Craig Shaeffer, guymontag3@hotmail.com)

Jon Hodges


Have sent several stories to Jon Hodges and although I have yet to place one, he always responds with a handwritten note detailing very specifically why he rejected the submission. He's thoughtful, professional, and encouraging each time.

Charles C Ryan (Aboriginal SF)


Mr Ryan (Not the Alien Publisher) gave me the first rejection slip I ever had that wasn't an outright form letter. He realized I was just a kid, I think, and was very encouraging.

Chris East of Futurismic.com

12 August 2004

Although Chris rejected my story (didn't quite stand out over some of our other submissions... felt a little bit too familiar) he boosted my ego regarding setting, professionalism of prose, and the like. He also apologised for a delay in response and encouraged me to submit to again. Thanks for the positivity, Chris.

Dominick Salemi


I recently switched to gmail and was having some trouble with messages never reaching their recipients. Worried, I e-queried Dominick at Brutarian, and he responded within THREE hours. He hadn't received it. Whew! He then gave me some advice on how to get it there safely.

The story ended up being rejected three days later (still pretty damn good!), but Dominick's kindness and professionalism really made an impact. I'll definitely continue to submit to Brutarian, and once their site is back up, I plan on subscribing.

John Benson at Not One Of Us


Mr. Benson rejected the first story I sent him, but politely pointed out the two primary reasons the story didn't work for him. A few weeks later I sent him another story, which he promptly accepted!

Danny Adams (dda@wwco.com)

Edward Knight at Amazing Journeys


Mr. Knight rejected the novelette I'd sent him saying that he'd simply seen too many other stories with a similar setting, but lavished praise on it nevertheless and apologized twice for not being able to use it.

Danny Adams (dda@wwco.com)

Entire Weird Tales Editorial Staff


First, I had to throw in one of several dates where I dealt with WT's editorial staff just to post this blurb. Kudos, first, to WT's guidelines, which were intimidating the first few times I read through them back in '98; they are a must for writers. WT's thought and effort presented in their guidelines shows how much they cherish the written word...and how much they want writers to do the same. While I'm yet to crack their mag, I did receive one "We found this to be a good read but alas, not irresistable. Keep sending us your work..." Some of their other rejections also listed praise for things well-done, along with reason(s) for rejection. Through luck of the draw, I "connected" most often with Carol Adams of their editorail staff, but accolades also go to Tim Burton, et al. On behalf of all writers, I'd like to say "Thanks for caring." It shows in your responses.

Ronald E. Wright

John Joseph Adams of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


While I was a bit let down that Gordon Von Gelder didn't respond personality to my submission, but rather his assistant did, I won't complain because the letter made it clear it was the assistant that read the story any way (Mr. Gelder's obviously a very busy man, pleasing so many people). Mr. Adams responded reasonably soon (19 days), and while he lacked much constructive criticism, he did make one important point in his letter. I had made the foolish mistake of sending only postage, and a slip of paper with my address on it. He willingly provided the envelope himself, and politely explained that I should send my own self-addressed envelope along with my next submission.

ScifaiKuest: Teri Santitoro and L.A. Story Houry


Teri and L.A. keep there magazine running on a regular schedule, which means the rejections/acceptances also come out on a regular schedule, which is very nice. They are quick to respond to questions, and the payment has always arrived along with a nice copy of the magazine. All in all, very professional and friendly. David Olson

Lon Prater of Neverary


I have submitted two batches of poems to him, and, every time he has rejected them, he has explained why and he has been nice about it. Also, his response times are one day for poems. He also puts out a professional magazine with interesting stories and poems, and it's free! David Olson davidolson22@hotmail.com

Sarah Ruth Jacobs of Lullaby Hearse


Sarah Jacobs is a total sweetheart who gave me the single nicest, most complimentary rejection I have ever received. She even said she would take the story if I'd work on a few points, and noted precisely what they were...unfortunately, I found I couldn't do much more with the story than I already had, but her suggestions for revision did indeed make a lot of sense, and reflected that she had given the manuscript much careful, serious thought.

John Amen of The Pedestal Magazine


Mr. Amen made a few editorial corrections and accepted those that I made; quite different from many editors, who have added mistakes and changed wording enough to eliminate my voice.

Daniel E Blackstone of SFreader

september 2003 onwards

Very sincere in his attempt to help me ameliorate my work; his feedback is very elaborate and insightful. Name:Saurbh Katyal email:taipan040@yahoo.co.in

Kat at Abyss & Apex

Fall 2003

Kat always shares her views, positive and negative, of my submitted fiction and responds within one to two days. I have yet to sell any of my work to her magazine, but I really appreciate her comments and suggestions.

Eric Marin

Cathy Buburuz of Champagne Shivers


Ms. Buburuz always takes the time to tell me what she likes and does not like about my fiction submissions within a day of receipt (and often on the same day). Although my work has yet to pique her interest enough to purchase it, her encouraging comments are greatly appreciated. I look forward to the day when a story of mine fits her editorial needs.

Eric Marin

Katherine Patterson & The whole staff at Alien Skin/Nocturnal Ooze

2003, always

Alien Skin has always responded promptly, courteously, and constructively to my submissions, starting in 2/2003 to present. They are prompt to pay, and encourage new talent as a mission statement. I am grateful to have had 8 stories published by them (including on in the premier issue of Nocturnal Ooze). When you submit to them, it seems more like family than a commercial enterprise.

I cannot praise them highly enough.

Roger A. Jurack

Cathy Freeze, Ideomancer


Responded within three days, with the nicest rejection I've ever had. She provided me with some incredibly constructive criticism, as well as some lovely compliments. The compliments I loved, but the criticism I treasured. I'll definitely submit there in the future.

John O'Neill of Black Gate


John took the time to tell me why my submission did not work for him. He also pointed out what he liked, which was very encouraging.

Victoria Valentine of Skyline Magazine


One of my stories was accepted by skyline a long time ago, but I accidentally deleted the e-mail asking for permission to print.Feeling sick at myself for missing out a golden chance for being published in print, I was demoralised and my enthusiasm was drained. A month later, I found an e-mail of apology from Victoria, expressing regret at being abrupt for rejecting my submission and encouraged me to submit my other pieces. To remember a submission for two months, coupled with the stress of managing a magazine, is worthy of praise indeed.

Michele Patterson

She went through my manuscript thoroughly and made EXTREMELY helpful comments. She was integral in my eventual selling of the story. It's a shame that she left Horror Garage--but, hopefully, she will be editing another publication some time soon so that other novices may benefit.

Marsha Sisolak of Ideomancer

Autumn 2002

Marsha offered constructive rewrite suggestions on a story that I sent to Ideo, was patient with me when I at first did not understand them, and agreed to have another look at the revised story much later, when her suggestions finally kicked over in my brain and I could finally *see* the problem.

--Elizabeth Bear

Christopher M. Cevasco of Paradox


Despite rejecting the story, Mr. Cevasco wrote what I've probably felt to be the most responsive rejection I've received. He briefly commented on what worked in the story, and then went on to provide a polite analysis of why it didn't work for him. I'll definetly submit work to him in the future.

John Benson of Not One of Us magazine

7/02, 11/02

I've sent two stories to Not One of Us so far and both came back promptly (approximately 2 weeks). Although both stories were rejected, I was amazed to receive such a thoughtful and personal reply each time. He always started with what he liked about the story, then went into very specific detail about what didn't work for him. It's such a bonus to get a critique like that. I've got another one ready to go keeping in mind what he wrote, and I'll be sending him more. A first class editor.

John Benson of Not One of Us magazine

7/02, 11/02

I've sent two stories to Not One of Us so far and both came back promptly (approximately 2 weeks). Although both stories were rejected, I was amazed to receive such a thoughtful and personal reply each time. He always started with what he liked about the story, then went into very specific detail about what didn't work for him. It's such a bonus to get a critique like that. I've got another one ready to go keeping in mind what he wrote, and I'll be sending him more. A first class editor.

John Benson of Not One of Us magazine

7/02, 11/02

I've sent two stories to Not One of Us so far and both came back promptly (approximately 2 weeks). Although both stories were rejected, I was amazed to receive such a thoughtful and personal reply each time. He always started with what he liked about the story, then went into very specific detail about what didn't work for him. It's such a bonus to get a critique like that. I've got another one ready to go keeping in mind what he wrote, and I'll be sending him more. A first class editor.

b.j. lawry of LoveWords


I've published several stories in LoveWords since January, 2001, and b.j. has always responded very quickly. Others have told me they got the same treatment, and she has helped many with suggestions for improving their stories. She's so nice, in fact, that when she offered me the job of assistant editor last week, I took it, and I wouldn't work free for just anybody, I assure you. I intend to help her maintain that record.

Jane MacDonald janemac98@excite.com

Ion Newcombe of Antipodean-sf

whenever I've dealt with him

For a novice writer, I doubt there could be anyone more encouraging, both in terms of response times and the quality of the replies. A true-blue good bloke.

Tyree Campbell and the whole gang at Aoife's Kiss


Everyone I've dealt with over at Aoife's Kiss (including Between Kisses and Kisses for Kids) has been wonderful. They are working on some great projects, and they do it with professionalism and friendliness.

Doomhan Books editors


Excellent-fast, courteous, professional, with super feedback on my time travel book. Excellent editing skills, did a line by line of my first chapter to show me all my mistakes. Also showed me all of the things I could do to improve the story and plan a sequel. I sent them a thank you card to show how grateful I was

The Tennessee hillbilly

Michele Patterson


Great advice & personalized encouragement to a novice writer!

Gordon VanGelder


I've submitted a number of stories to F&SF. For each submission, I've received a prompt, polite rejection along with a small critique.

I regard GvG as the 'gold standard' of editors. In fact, I rate editors in units of The Standard Gelder. F&SF = 100 Gelders by definition. Other editors rank below this, sometimes far below.

Chris Cobb of Strange Horizons


Chris Cobb is the review editor for Strange Horizons. He is extremely professional, and came up with great suggestions for how to improve my review. I enjoyed working with him a lot, and plan on doing it again soon.

Megan (Powell) Miller of Foxfire, Fables, and other SLP publications.


Megan is a real professional as well as being a truly nice person. She is prompt in her replies and always give helpful feedback on the stories she doesn't accept. She also takes the time to respond to queries right away. Megan has a great sense of humor. She's a pleasure to work with.

DP Medici


The response to my submission was prompt (a little over 30 days)but what really impressed me was the fact that there was a detailed personal (hand written!)response to what I had wrote. My entire submission had been read! Some weaknesses were pointed out and while I was rejected I was left with the decided impression that future submissions would really be welcomed.

Siobhan Creedon sacreed@hotmail.com

Michael Szymanski - Triad Entertainments (Weird Trails Anthology)

28 MAR 01

Very quick response. Extremely polite & encouraging, even in rejection.

Andrew Grossman, F&SF Asst. Editor

01 MAR 01

Quick, curtious, & professional. Personal letter actually included specific reaosns for rejection & encouragement for future submissions!Overall, F&SF editors possess CLASS!

Gordon Van Gelder, F&SF

10 FEB 01

Quick, curtious, & professional. Personal letter included enough info to let me know that he actually read the story...

Art Editor at Strange Horizons


After illustrating a story for Strange Horizons, I received an artists agreement by snail mail. Shortly after signing and returning it, I received my pay check. Later, I checked the website and was 100% pleased with the way my work was presented to their audience. This market also offers decent pay to artists ($75 per illustration). -Cathy Buburuz

Domhan Books


They have been terrific with me, a beginning writer. Even though they gave me a rejection, they gave me so much time and encouragement, and really read the stories and understood what I was trying to do. I know my trilogy will be a lot better when it finally does get a publisher. I wish everyone in the net community were as nice as these people were.

Jed Hartman, Strange Horizons

Dec 2000

Jed took the time to email me countless times to fix up the story I had accepted at their great online magazine. He took a story that I thought was pretty darn good to start with and ratcheted it up a notch with his precise reading(s) and eye for detail. Jed pushed me to make this story even better. He definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. I feel like he should be listed on my story as a co-writer!

Patrick and Honna Swenson of Talebones

nov 23, March 3, July 3,

A prompt reply . . a personal note . . .and he remebered my prior submissions. He even remebered my prior submissions!

Diana Sharples of Electric Wine

Dec 28th

I recieved a prompt reply, a helpful checklist, and the wonderful advice to join critters. The online updates about the reciept of my mss. were also helpful.

Ty Drago, Peridot Books


Although my piece did not make the final cut, Mr. Drago's curteous words and praise of the story gave me hope of publication elsewhere.

James B. Baker, Promart Publications

November 29, 2000

For the past five months I've edited the "Expressions Newsletter" and my monthly checks from James B. Baker have arrived on time each and every month. He also purchased my colour art for his "Martian Wave" electronic magazine and he was prompt for the payment with that too. This great businessman is over 70 years old; maybe its his years of experience as a writer, editor and publisher that make him fabulous to work with. I highly recommend this as a market for writers and artists.-Cathy Buburuz

David Kopaska-Merkel, editor of Star*line & Dreams and Nightmares

October 2000

Mr. David Kopaska-Merkel was very quick in his responses, rivaling those of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. His correspondences, whether rejections or acceptances, are brief but very personable. And payment arrives in a timely manner. What else could you ask for in an editor?

Jed Hartman of Strange Horizons

Oct 2000

Jed's professionalism and enthusiasm are unmatched, in this writer's experience. He is exacting in his critiques, unerringly perceptive, patient, and hugely supportive. A pleasure to work with, and a truly great asset to 'Strange Horizons'.

Diana Sharples of Electric Wine

Year 2000

Both Ms. Sharples and her fellow editor Mr. Rasmussen give very detailed rejects. They not only have pinpointed my story's biggest weak points each time, but have also done so in plain and forgiving language. Thanks so much for taking the time!

John Benson, editor, Not One Of Us


John Benson has ALWAYS been nice, even when rejecting my material. He was always encouraging and polite, never made me feel I had missed by a mile. And now that he's accepted one of my stories (HURRAY!) I just wanted to take the time to give a little overdue praise to an efficient editor.

Jack Fisher of Flesh and Blood

July 2000

Jack has always read and made helpful comments on the stories he has rejected and bloated my ego with his comments on the story he accepted. He seems very professional and prompt and, I can tell, pays attention to all the mss he receives.

Forrest Aguirre chromatic30@hotmail.com

William Simmons of Earwig Flesh Factory

June 2000

William first rejected one of my works, giving me very helpful advice on how to improve the tale - and commending me for my writing (big ego boost). I sent in another and he worked with me through five separate drafts to perfect the tale. His patience and guidance through the whole process (I am fairly new at this) was sensitive enough to show me that he cared about me, but critical enough to show that he cared about my story. Even though he was struggling with illness at the time he was prompt in his replies and comments.

- Forrest Aguirre - chromatic30@hotmail.com

Jackie Cantor of Delacorte Press


Jackie is one of the sweetest people I've ever met--and she manages to maintain her kind personality while being executive editor at a major NY publishing house. The changes she suggested to the manuscript of my first novel improved it immensely, and she was in all ways my advocate. Mark Canter manolenta@cs.com

Cecilia Tan of Circlet Press


Despite being extremely busy with numerous projects, Cecilia took the time to send a detailed, positive rejection letter, and to recommend a publisher my submission might be better suited for.

Robert Stephenson of Altair


I have had multiple responses from Robert. He is always gentle with his rejections and ready to praise what is good. In addition, he responds very quickly (within 1-4 days in my experience).

Altair....Robert N. Stephenson


After six months and many queries tyring to get someone to assist me in getting my book published (sorry we don't even talk to unpublished writers), Mr. Stephenson was the only person to offer help. He also straightened me out on 'character emphasis', which I had neglected. At the moment he has the manuscript, and is doing what he can for me.After getting a copy of Altair I can see he's as busy as the rest, but he took time to show a little interest, and I'm grateful...Rick Magers: Georgia, USA.....ancient1@whitelion.net

Parsec, Publisher, Chris Krejlgaard


I sent Chris a short story in March of 1997. He wrote back a personal letter, telling me he liked it, but was overstocked for the next year and a half. He added that he would be glad to look at it again at that time, and gave me several other possible markets to consider in the meantime. 18 months later I resubmitted, and was overjoyed to have the piece accepted in July of 1999.--Paul Bates pnbates@earthlink.net

Steve Saffel, Editor, Del Rey Books


Took time from a very busy schedule to review my novel. Unfortunately, too much "F" and not enough "SF" for his needs. But his consideration and positive comments has kept me plugging along. It's now being reviewed by another editor...

Richard Kivi comcon@teleport.com

Celia L. Badon/7-Realms Publishing

Jan-April 2000

Celia has accepted several works of fiction from me, each within a time span of less than three months. Contracts accompany acceptances, checks follow within a few weeks.

Paul Bates -- pnbates@earthlink.net

Celia Badon, 7-Realms Publishing

March 2000

Celia Badon, editor of Realities Escape, 7-Realms Publishing, responded to my submission with contracts. I signed the contracts, mailed them back to her. And within two weeks, I had my paycheck in hand. A great lady to work with. And, according to her guidelines, she's now open to submissions of novels. -Cathy Buburuz Freelance Writer/Illustrator cathyartist@hotmail.com

Andy Lane at TTA Press

Every time

TTA Press run several imprints, (The Third Alternative, Crimewave and Zene), and they have never been anything less than enthusiastic about a submission. Professional and courteous to submitters and subscribers alike, they are always a pleasure to work with and buy from.

Winedark Sea (Australia)

February 2000

After submitting a selection of my work for consideration, I received prompt payment in U.S. dollars prior to publication. This editor responds quickly! -Cathy Buburuz

Lesley Milner, Editor of "Noesis" in the United Kingdom

January 2000

I provided four black and white illustrations for the December 1999 issue and didn't have to wait long for my payment and my contributor's copy. This is a fine science fiction magazine that features color covers and a wide range of stories. Highly recommended. -Cathy Buburuz

Kevin McPherson of Neverworlds

July 1999

My story got rejected (well, RFRed) after a few months. Kevin apologized for the delay, even though the Neverworlds submission tracker had kept me informed about the story's status. The RFR was encouraging, which is fairly impressive considering the main problem was lack of plot.

Megan Powell, mhpm@m3ip.org

S. Kay Elmore of The Orphic Chronicle

Dec/Jan 99/00

This is the first time that I've followed up on an RFR. Kay's comments were helpful, pointing out a couple aspects of the story that weren't strong enough. When I'd finished making the suggested changes, I felt that I'd improved the story.

Megan Powell, mhpm@m3ip.org

Lesley Milner, Editor of Noesis

January 2000

I've just received my contributor's copy of "Noesis" along with my cash payment for illustrating two stories in this issue. The editor did a top rate job with the art reproductions and treats contributors with repspect. For those interested in submitting to this fine magazine, visit the websute: http://www.noesis-sf.co.uk

James Baker of Promart Publications

January 2000

James Baker of Promart Publications sent contributor's copies of three magazines today and promised that my pay check for art, poems and a story will be mailed out shortly. This is one editor who always keeps his word. Equally nice editors to work with are Bobbi-Sinha Morey and Joe Morey, editors of "Dark Regions and Horror," (they have an extremely good art editor, Ken Wiseman). -Cathy

Gordon Van Gelder


Although I am unpublished in fiction, I have been published in non-fiction many times. When I submit stories to some SF magazines, their responses are terse, brief, and discouraging. Gelder always includes a note that leaves me feeling like he respects my professionalism and appreciates the submission, even though he (so far) universally rejects them.

editorial staff/Amazing

past year

I am a new writer and the editors at Amazing have treated me incredibly well. I have received several rejection letters from them (no acceptances yet!) and each one has been more positive than the last. They have discussed my stories at length, and given me encouragement and very specific feedback, and always requested that I send them another story

Jon Hodges of The Cooperative

October 99

Sent me a letter informing me that he had gotten my submission on time -- since it was the first story I had ever sent out, this was very reassuring. Told me that the response time would be a bit longer than normal, as he had gotten backlogged quickly. Responded in less time than I expected; it was a rejection, but an extraordinarily helpful one. I don't have anything to compare it to yet, but my story is much better because of his comments.

Steve Algieri, Pulp Eternity

March 1999

After years of thinking about being a writer (like half of the country's population, I suspect), I finally decided to give it a go. Mr. Algieri sent me a polite, but helpful, rejection letter that pointed out the strengths of the story, but even more importantly, the areas in which it didn't work for him. Although I haven't sent that story out again (a cardinal sin for a writer), I have written three other stories and submited two of them to magazines. Each one was better than that first one after I used Mr. Algieri's advice.

Michael Gonchar, Editor of "The Reaper"

September 8, 1999

The editor of "The Reaper" accepted six of my stories for the first six issues of his magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine folded after the third issue was produced. However, Michael Gonchar did pay everything owed to his contributors and for this he deserves credit. Especially since most magazines that fold "forget" to pay contributors.

Raechel Henderson of Jackhammer E-Zine

all the time

I was very nervous when I sent my first short story to her. My hands were all sweaty when I clicked the mouse button with the pointer hovering over 'Send.' However, the response she gave me was fabulous. Not only did she publish it, but she also gave me one of the greatest comments I have ever been given. "This story certainly bothered me." It pleased me, because I wanted the reader to be bothered and disturbed by the story. Also, when she writes rejection notes she always tells you why she is rejecting the story, and offers some advice. Advice which has helped me out quite a bit.

Jonathan Clements of Manga Max

Aug 99

A razor-sharp mind, a brutal intellect, an uncanny ability to cut to the chase. And when my article on Japanese science fiction appeared, he actually made me look smarter than I really was! I just sent in stuff on spec, and despite everything else he was doing that moment, he sent me a 1500 word document explaining what I'd got right and what I'd got wrong. Eventually, he gave me a ton of money for something which he'd put just as muchy time into as I had. I also got the style guide for the magazine, which is something I wish I'd seen for *any* magazine, about ten years ago! It would have saved me so much time and postage.

Sue Weinlein Cook of Amazing Stories

July 1999

Although she rejected my story, she complimented me for doing a good job with a difficult task. She also acknowledged the lengthy time taken for her response, and thanked me for my patience.

Randy Dannenfelser of Adventures of Sword and Sorcery

a few different times

He always gives a personal, handwritten response. It's more than a lot of editors do and I appreciate it.

-Julie Palumbo

Kevin MacPherson, NEVERWORLDS

every time

Kevin always treats writers like they've done him a favor by submitting their story, even if NW can't use it. He's pleasant and fun, and very helpful with specific aspects of a story that either did or didn't work for NW. The site is really professional-looking and cool, and whoever gets their story published there knows it's being shown off to its best advantage.

Steve Algieri of Pulp Eternity

May 1999

Although I've yet to sell him a story, Steve always takes the time to respond personally, quickly, and with a high degree of professionalism. I owe him a big favor for some advice he offered on a recent submission. The story had a problem, and I knew it had a problem, and I'd done what I could think of to fix it to no avail. Steve zeroed in and after declining it with an already helpful rejection, he wrote me again a few days later and said he figured out what was bothering him and how to fix it. He was spot-on and the story is better for it.

Thanks Steve!

Terra Incognita, Jan Berrien Berends


Terra Incognita accepted a nonfiction query in less than 5 hours! This was only rivaled by an online travel-culture magazine that I write for frequently (2 hours)--but they are ALWAYS online, so that is understandable. Jan Berrien Berends is a friendly editor to work for (so far.) Email is so friendly--I wish all publications would start using it.

Pam Calvert freelance journalist AskPamm@aol.com

Gordon Van Gelder, F & SF


Very seldom do I praise an editor for a rejection, but Gordon deserves it. His quick response time astounded me, and the favorable things he had to say about my story gave me hope for a sale elsewhere.

Greg Clifford ... published, but not as often as I would like

Lida of Twilight Times Books


I submitted a first chapter and synopsis for a modern gothic on 29/3/99. On 30/3/99 I received a request for the whole ms. I submitted this be e-mail. On 2/4/99, I received an acceptance and the contract arrived later that day.

Five days from syn & samp to contract? For a book that's around 70,000 words? My flabber could scracely be more gasted! Thank you Lida!

************************** On the opposite side of fast was a recent rejection from a publisher who shall remain nameless. Eleven years from submission to rejection. That's right. *Eleven* years. ************************** Sallyo.

Dave Felts of Maestrom Speculative Fiction

February 1999

Dave runs a very writer-friendly magazine. He's willing to work with authors and he's very flexible. He's also the first editor to buy one of my stories, which is certainly a very nice thing to do.

Tim Pratt Madwaldo@hotmail.com

Ken Wisman, Art Editor for "Dark Regions and Horror"

February/March 1999

Ken Wisman (Art Editor) responds promptly to illustration submissions and keeps in touch with contributors via e-mails.

Gordon Van Gelder


Incredible response time on my rejection. Not a sale, alas. Still, what a great professional!

Anne M. Marble amarble@abs.net

Gordon Van Gelder, F & SF


Although my novella length manuscript was not accepted, the manuscript (200+ pages) was mailed back. It was the first manuscript I had ever sent out, and like a boob, I didn't include postage for the return envelope. It was a kindness I will always remember.

James Baker, Promart Publications

For the past two years I've received exceptional treatment as a contributor to "The Fifth Di...", "The Martian Wave", "Just Because"

James Baker has paid me for a magazine review column for his "Star Anthology" and I've also received prompt payment for illustrations in several of his magazines. What's especially nice about Mr. Baker is that he keeps in close contact with his contributors via e-mail. -Cathy Buburuz cathyartist@hotmail.com

Alayne Gelfand (Editor of Prisoners of the Night, USA)

I've been treated great over the past 8 or 9 years

For the past eight or nine years I've been a contributor to Alayne Gelfand's "Prisoners of the Night," an annual anthology of vampire erotica. I always receive my contributor's copies and pay checks (for poems and illustrations) right on schedule. The magazine is produced in perfect bound format with full colour covers...it's a fabulous magazine run by an editor who treats contributors with respect and professionalism. -Cathy Buburuz cathyartist@hotmail.com

Steve Algieri

February 13, 1999

Steve couldn't use the sf story I sent him for PULP ETERNITY, as he has a backlog. He did suggest two magazines who might be interested. Best of all, Steve responded in only six days.

He deserves a gold star.

Jordan Berry catzie2@aol.com

Raechel Henderson of Jackhammer E-zine

all the time

One of the nicest editors in the webzine business. Takes the time to make comments on every rejection. Is incredibly patient with new writers, treats us all with respect.

Mary Tarver, Romance and Beyond

Jan 12 /99

A couple of days ago I reported R&B to the Black Hole, having first submitted a story in July/98. At the end of Nov/98,thinking the SASE might be lost and/or email bounced from an outdated account of mine, I wrote to inquire again. Nothing. Then I made my report to the Black Hole-- which I think I did wrong, which is just as well, because I decided to send R&B an email simply stating politely that if I didn't hear from them, I would assume I could sell the story elsewhere.

Now I've received an email from them, thanking me for "your restraint in your recent email and your patience with the horribly long time we've kept your manuscript. We love IN REAL LIFE and would like to publish it.."

So all's well that ends well!

Romance and Beyond does pay a small amount, though for non-US authors (of which I am one) they suggest extra copies may be more worthwhile than money, as bank fees often eat up most of a US check here in Canada. Please note they are bought up for about the next three issues now.

donna farley lrfarley@sprint.ca

Robert N. Stephenson of Altair


His response was personal, constructive, and far more prompt than I'd expected. It was one of the more helpful rejections I've ever received. S.N.Arly moobeast@sprintmail.com

Kim Mohan, former editor of Amazing Stories

over the years

Kim Mohan always sent me pages of notes, even though the notes were all part of rejection letters. But they helped my stories improve. I hear stories about how great Lester del Rey was...I never got the chance to get rejected by Lester. But Kim's rejections were nicer than some acceptance letters I've received! Thanks for the feedback, Kim! (P.S. He was also the first editor who ever bought me a drink!). Daryl F. Mallett (bluefire@zwolf.net)

Gordon Van Gelder

Summer of 98

Mr. Van Gelder is unfailingly polite in his rejections and this summer showed remarkable aplomb during an interesting spell where I sent him doubled-rejections and queries on stories I hadn't mailed. He always exonerated me saying this type of thing happens all the time, etc., never making me feel like more of an air-head than I already felt. It was a difficult time for personal reasons, and his patience made me feel as though there were hope for the world.

Warren Lapine

Sometime in 93 - to the present

Unfailing prompt, polite and very professional responses to submissions Recognizing my by-line when I'd never sold and hadn't submitted anything to him in over four years, and adding a note to his rejection, telling me he was glad to hear from me. Also, he always says what worked or didn't work for him, instead of looking around for minor flaws. If he finds no flaw but does not wish to buy the work, he says just that, not "you missed a period on page twenty." Sarah A. Hoyt sahoyt@hotmail.com

Maire Loughin of E-scape


The first story I submitted--ever--was to E-scape. Marie's rejection was so prompt, instructive and encouraging that I almost forgot to be upset that she didn't accept the stoey (which was TERRIBLE, btw)

I've had occasion to correspond with her several times over the past year, and she's been nothing but kind. Wonderful woman.

J.L. Reis jreis@gte.net

Gordon Van Gelder of St. Martin's Press and F & SF

2/11/98 & 9/29/98

I've submitted to Gordon Van Gelder at St. Martin's Press and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Both times I have received a prompt and courteous rejection. Hopefully one of these days I'll get an acceptance.

David Pringle of Interzone

over the years

Mr. Pringle has always been pleasant to deal with, whether it's an acceptance (I've had four) or a rejection (about the same number). He's overworked, which sometimes shows in response times, but the contined quality of the magazine is sufficient defense. I hesitate to add to his burden by mentioning it...but he's also one of the places that publishes both big names and utter unknowns.

JOHN PELAN--Silver Salamander Press, Darkside Press, et. al.


John Pelan's suggestions were *exactly* what my story needed to become the best I could write it. He is prompt, personable, and professional. He takes no shit, he makes you work, but trust him. He knows what he is doing. I am a better writer for working with him.

Robert N Stephenson at Altair


Consistent personal advice that has helped me polish further a couple of my stories. Still only had rejections. One day.... Oh - and read the mag, as there's stuff in it for writers too!

Brian Simpson

Rigel Chiokis of Spaceways Weekly


Rigel has always been fast with his responses and fair. Since I sent both my stories to him by email, I got really fast replies. He is also prompt and professional in payment. He chimes in with good advice on an associated writers' group. A good person to work with for that first sale.

Tom Piccirilli


Mr. Piccirilli responds *quickly* and takes the time to comment on the ms. submitted. He's one of those people you want to take the extra step for.

Patrick & Honna Swenson -- Talebones


Always a prompt and encouraging reply, usually a checklist with notes for rejections. The date given is only one of many; these editors have always been pleasant to deal with. I thought they should make the stars list.

Jennifer Busick busick@iei.net

Dale Sproule


Always friendly and prompt rejections. Consistently, sends personal note, anechdotes and recommendations. What could be better, except a friendly prompt acceptance

Marion Zimmer Bradley of MZB's Fantasy Magazine

all the time

She is very prompt and honest.

Gordon van Gelder of F&SF

when ever

Gordon's ability to respond quickly on manuscripts is especially appreciated. And though the responses I've received so far have been rejections, I appreciate the time he takes to include positive or negative comments on my work. This is a class act.


Gordon van Gelder

when ever

Always fast, always the same little note. But I wish he would stop calling me a girl. (a lass). Robert N Stephenson Altair

Warren Lapine / AM

when ever

Warren has always been informative with his rejections. He uses the form rejection as it is meant to be used. I have taken pointers from him within my own editing. Robert N Stephenson altair@senet.com.au

Dave Wolverton, Writers of the Future Contest


Dave Wolverton, in his role as contest judge for the Writers of the Future Contest, played a pretty big part in keeping me writing - especially a couple of years ago. He has consistently stood up for my work and recommended it to the other WOTF judges and he's given me plenty of positive feedback. This is from the four-time finalist, one-time prize winner. And it's over for me, but I'll always remember Dave's encouragement. Amy Sterling Casil ASterling@aol.com

Gordon Van Gelder, F & SF


Gordon Van Gelder has always been prompt and polite, just like Scott Edelman. He bought my novelette, apologized for the wait, and explained concerns that he had about another story I had sent a couple of weeks after the novelette. Amy Sterling Casil ASterling@aol.com

Warren Lapine of Absolute Magnitude


Mr. Lapine has sent back a checklist plus personal comments on every single story I've ever sent him. He's encouraging and courteous, and he was the first editor to ever offer ANY constructive criticism, or any clue as to why a story didn't work for his magazine. I'll keep trying A.M., but even if I never sell a story to them, he'll still be at the top of my list of favorite editors. Terry Hickman terryh@radiks.net

George Scithers of WoF&H

over the years

Somehow he manages to almost always send back a personal reply, offering constructive suggestions, no matter how cruddy the story is.

And his guidelines are a must read for all beginners.

Scott Edelman of SF Age


Amazingly fast and consistent response times. Truly astounding.


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