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Yay! Amazon KDP Adds Payments and Foreign Exchange Report

Feb 3, 2014   [permalink]

I just got email and see on the site: Amazon's KDP system added a payments report. Yay! I'd asked them for this a couple months ago. I have no idea if it was my request or if I was a drop in a downpour, but I'm very glad for it.

It's been a real pain to manually figure out the exchange rate for foreign sales, and to match up bank deposits in dollars to email notices in Euros or Pounds.

Now, if they can figure out where some missing sales went, we'll be all good. (A small deposit in dollars was so far off the amount listed on the sales report that there had to be an error--but there is no report showing returns or other explanations. I asked, and they're [slooooowly] looking into it, they say.)

But, hey, the new report is a step in the right direction.

As my father-in-law used to say, "You don't get anything unless you ask for it!"

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