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Ben Bova's ESCAPE!

Apr 27, 2012   [permalink]

Woohoo! Our latest Ben Bova release from ReAnimus Press - ESCAPE!

Put in prison for a long list of crimes, with no end to his sentence, Danny had to get back to his girl. He had to get back to Laurie. Watched over at all times by a Big Brother-like sentient computer, there was no way out of the escape-proof prison except to... Escape!

$4.99 in the ReAnimus Press Store in DRM-free .mobi and .epub — http://reanimus.com/store/?item=1198 and on Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007XW31AE

"Escape! ... has generated more mail from readers than any other single story I have ever written." —Ben Bova

Dr. Ben Bova is a six-time Hugo Award winning author.

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