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2011 - The Year of the Ebook?

Jan 1, 2011   [permalink]

I was flying the other day and noticed something I'd never seen before: More people on the plane reading ebbooks than paper books. Some even ignored the flight attendants commandments to turn off all electronic devices (the list of which now included ebook readers). The fellow next to us waited to shut off his ipad for landing, sitting contendedly reading in landscape, propped up ebook mode, until the flight attendant told him three times and added a growled warning to his voice.

I'll be curious to see if the explosive growth of ebooks continues. A common question friends have been asking me lately has been, Which should I get, Kindle or Nook? Will 2011 be the year even the "but it's the smell of the book that matters most" people come to the ebook fold? Will airlines finally give up the annoying, useless security theater of making people turn off ebooks and MP3 players for takeoff, landing, and eons on either side? And turn off the fasten-seat-belt-sign when it's not turbulent? Well, one can always hope. Have a great 2011 everyone!

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