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New Feature -- Credit Sharing Among Workshops

Oct 26, 2014   [permalink]

Critter member Greg Hullender talked me into it... that there's some benefit to sharing critique credits between workshops. Particularly with them being so new and all. Now, my goal is to get y'all to do critiques, since that's, well, good for you -- doing critiques helps improve your craft, so you should want to do them. But to encourage people to try out the new workshops, notably in areas that you also work but may be secondary for you, I can see the benefit to some sharing of credits. I think. At least I'm willing to try it for a year to see, sharing partial credits.

So I've rigged something up -- you can read about it here: http://critique.org/c/extracredit.ht

See what you think, and let me know.

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